Free LLC Forms
Free LLC Forms

Change of Registered Agent or Registered Office

Agents must be registered with the state where they are doing business.

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1. The name of the limited liability company is:


2. The current registered office is located at the following address:


3. The new address of the registered office will be changed to:


4. The current registered agent for the limited liability company named above is:


5. The new registered agent for the limited liability company named above is:


6. The street address of the registered office as stated in this document is the same as the registered agent’s business address.

7. This change was duly authorized by the members of the limited liability company.

Having been named as registered agent for the above named limited liability company at the place designated in this document, I accept the appointment as registered agent and agree to act in this capacity. I further agree to act in accordance with the provisions of all statutes relating to the appropriate and complete performance of my duties. I am familiar with and accept the obligations of my position as registered agent.


Signature of Registered Agent

In compliance with the Statutes of the State of ____________________ . I declare that the above listed company has changed the entity’s registered office and/or agent as listed above. I further declare that I have been authorized to execute this document and that by do so I am subject to the penalties of perjury under the laws of the State of ____________________________ as if I had signed this document under oath.

_____________________________________ _______________

Signature of Authorized Individual Date

Name and Telephone Number of a Contact Person for the Above Company

______________________________________ _______________

Name (please print) Telephone Number